Funeral & Memorial Planning

Bradley & Son Funeral Homes

Extraordinary Service and Unforgettable Tributes Make Every Life Well Remembered
Bradley & Son Funeral Homes has always believed a life should be well remembered, and our 80-year history of service within our communities is testament to that belief.
Currently serving five locations across Morris and Union C ounties, Bradley Funeral Homes has been family owned and operated since 1941. Since the beginning, we have fo cused on providing care and comfort to our families during life ’ s most difficult moments. Today, that belief extends over and ab ove traditional funeral arrangements to expert pre-planning services, online cremation arrangements and a comprehensive grief support program.
At every stage of the journey, Bradley Funeral Homes offers a trul y personalized experience. Our staff gets to know each and every family deeply. Because we are experts in li stening to your individual needs, we provide you with not only the information and support you expect, but also with an unexpected attention to detail. The end result is an unforgettable memorial tribute to your loved one.
Bradley ’ s memorial services and products have become known throughou t our communities for their creative and poignant tributes. We listen to each person ’ s unique story and create a service to ensure each and every life is A Life Well Remembered.
Pre-planning Your Funeral
Although pre-planning may seem intimidating, millions of No rth Americans pre-plan their funerals every year, because they have discovered the many emotional and financial benef its advance planning brings.
Over our eight decades of funeral service, we have consistently f ound that families whose loved ones have made a pre-arrangement will have a dramatically different experience compared to families without a plan.
Here are just a few of the many benefits pre-planning provides:
  • Helps to ensure that your family isn ’ t left with the burden of making important decisions during a t ime of great emotional distress and confusion
  • Ensures that every aspect of your final wishes are communicated t o your family in an organized way, removing the guesswork
  • Removes the financial burden from your family — some pre-payment options allow you to lock in services and merchandise at today ’ s prices and avoid the rising costs of inflation
  • Guarantees that your final arrangements will be honored even if you have no surviving family members left
Bradley Funeral Homes has a dedicated Advance Planning Specialist who can help you explore your options for a ceremony, discuss costs, and set up a plan to ensure you ’ ll have the funeral you have chosen.

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